Our Founding and History

The White Family Foundation was established in loving memory of James Bryan White (1975-1992). He will always remain in our thoughts and prayers, and we hope his presence will guide us, not only in our Foundation endeavors, but in every aspect of our lives.

The White Family Foundation was established in 2006, but the roots of this Foundation were planted many years ago.  In 1952 Joseph G. and Rosemary White moved from New Castle, Pennsylvania to St. Petersburg, Florida, where they started a plumbing supply business.  Due to their fondness for their hometown, they named their company Castle Supply. The oldest son, Joseph C. White, started working in the family business in 1970 at the young age of 23.  Joe, as he as commonly known, had many different roles at Castle Supply as the business matured. He did everything from sweeping floors and stocking the warehouse, to managing an entire branch.  

When his father passed way in 1978, Joe had the opportunity to succeed his father in running the business. He now had the chance to pair his working experience with his business philosophies and implement changes that he believed would benefit the company.  His leadership vision for the growth of Castle Supply was exemplified over the years in the success and expansion of the company.  Joe was a key player in the birth of CastleNorth, which was originally a sister company of Castle Supply, based in Orlando. He was also an integral part in the acquisition of several plumbing supply stores in the Miami area. The entities all became known as the Castle Group. In the 28 years Joe White led Castle Supply, he experienced growth and recession, which led to the opening and closing of branches, bolstering the strength of his leadership as he learned from his successes and failures.

Through all the ups and downs Joe has experienced in the business world and in life’s’ journey, he has received love, support and guidance from his wife, Jo Ann White. Married in 1969, Joe and Jo Ann have always been devoted to the things they feel are most important in life. Their dedication is demonstrated in their business relationships, their community service and especially their family. Their three children, James, Lauren, and Megan, grew up with wonderful experiences of how faith, love and loyalty are essential in all aspects of life.  Jo Ann and all three children have been an important piece in the success of Castle Supply.  Jo Ann has experienced the chaos of balancing the checkbook of a large company.  Jimmy spent a number of hot summer days working hard in the warehouse. Megan and Lauren spent plenty of hours in front of the filing cabinet. And Megan has continued to be a vital part of Castle Supply by using her extensive education and job experiences and even initiated an internship program for college graduates. Although Joe White spent countless hours at Castle Supply, the contributions of each White Family member and the dedication of all the employees have created the success story of Castle Supply.

Castle Supply Company was purchased in 2006, giving Joe and Jo Ann the opportunity to start a foundation in order to further contribute to the community in which they have considered home since childhood. The White Family is deeply honored to be able to contribute to the needs of others and hopes that their communities will also experience a sense of pride and achievement.