How to Apply for Funding

Thank you for taking the time to review our application processes. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your organization and a potential philanthropic partnership with our Family Foundation.

Our 2020 Grant Submission cycle is now open, and will close on May 15, 2020. The Trustees will review qualified Grant Requests and decisions will be made by the end of 2020 for distribution in early 2021.

Please review the following information carefully as it outlines our philanthropic vision and focus as well as the initial request process and the full Grant Proposal information that we require. 

If you have any questions about your organization’s eligibility to apply please call our family offices at: 727-741-9187 or toll free at: 1-888-257-0915.


The White Family Foundation Trustees value responsible giving.  Philanthropy can be a rewarding endeavor, but giving requires responsible action on the part of the giver and receiver.  It is our opinion that each funded grant creates a partnership between the Foundation and the receiving organization, and it is our intent to encourage and foster positive partnerships within our community through the grant making process.

By developing partnerships with qualified education, healthcare, and religious organizations in the Tampa Bay area, each grant, no matter the amount, can have a huge impact.  Philosophically, the White Family Foundation supports organizations that excel at helping those in need while promoting self-reliance and personal responsibility.

Grants are generally not approved for deficit or debt reduction.  Preference is given to organizations with an operating budget of less than $3,000,000.00 and requests less than $20,000.00. 


1. Complete and submit the online Grant Request Preliminary Application Form.

2. Your Preliminary Application will be reviewed and, if approved for further consideration, your organization will be contacted by email to submit the Grant Proposal as outlined below.


The Foundation reviews Grant Requests bi-annually, but will review requests outside of this schedule to meet qualified, deserving emergency needs.  In reviewing a grant proposal, the following criteria will be used to determine fundability of a grant request that matches The White Family Foundation gifting goals.

Please consider the following criteria as you develop your Grant Proposal Packet:

Clarity of Purpose: Your organization’s request should be clearly defined with a specific description of how goals/tasks will be achieved and how funds will be allocated. A detailed project description and budget must be included.

Potential for Success: Your organization must demonstrate that it has additional funding sources, manpower, and community support as well as the time to achieve the outlined goals. Projects must be realistic, concrete, and support your mission.

Leadership: Stability in the leadership of your organization is a requirement, as well as a well-deserved reputation for results and effective management. We request a list of your Board of Directors with information on what position they hold and the duration of their service.

Financial Stability: A history of overall financial stability is highly desirable. The White Family Foundation will require that each organization provide a detailed program budget, prior to funding.  Copies of the most recent Audited Financial Statements, or 990-PF, may also be required.

Measurements and Results: Major gifts pledged over a period of time will require milestones that will be monitored, met and reported back to The White Family Foundation for continued review. All major gifts will require a semi-annual and a final report at the project’s completion, outlining how the funds were spent, as well as detailing the overall achievements for the project.

Site Visits: While not always possible, our board members prefer to conduct onsite visits for all new organizations. These may occur prior to gifting, during the gifting period, and following the project’s completion. These visits are considered an important part of our due diligence procedures. We look forward to seeing first hand your organization and how you fulfill your mission and vision.


  • All grant recipients must be qualified tax-exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

  • Preference will be given to organizations that have demonstrated fiscal responsibility, competent management and a history of delivering effective and measurable results.

  • Grant recipients must have the ability and willingness to measure and report results.


  1. Application Cover Sheet

  2. Proposal Narrative (Outline for The Project/Program and your formal ask)

  3. Program Budget (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss for your organization; and Project/Program Breakdown)

  4. List of board members, with brief description of qualifications

  5. Additional Information: Please consider including documents such as a current newsletter, an annual report, recent publications, news articles or other relevant materials about your organization and the proposed project. You may also wish to include letters of support from community-based groups or professional associations.

  6. IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter approving your not-for-profit status. (This is NOT your state or federal tax exempt notification or affirmation letter. This is your letter from the IRS granting the organization your initial 501(c)3 status)

All grant recipients must be qualified tax-exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Please be prepared to provide copies of audited financial statements if requested. We require all documents be provided as PDF’s, Word Documents or Excel Spreadsheets and emailed to our Grant Coordinator, Ruth Banther.


Ruth Banther
Grant Coordinator
Toll Free: 1-888-257-0915

The White Family Foundation
P.O. Box 2491
Tarpon Springs, FL34688